About the Area

The river today is a popular place to kayak and canoe. There are many caves in the areas, such as the famous caves of Lascaux famous for it's primitive cave paintings that are tens of thousands of years old.

Notable cities in the area: Sarlat, Bergerac, Lalinde, Limeuil, Monpazier, Belves, St. Cyprien, Siorac, Le Buisson, Tremolat, St. Germain de Belves, St. Vincent de Cosse.

Bordeaux is two hours by car or train to Le Buisson which is a few miles from Urval. In Le Buisson one can get a train to Bordeaux or Paris.

Each town in the area has a large open air market on the different days of the week. Just look in the local papers or go on line for details. They are very easy to find. General shopping is in Le Buisson or in Siorac which are each a five minute drive from Urval.

The region is known for its rich delicious food: fois gras, truffles, wild mushrooms and amazing wines. Vin de noix is a local walnut wine that is drunk before dinner and is very delicious. Most villages have wonderful restaurants. Urval has a small simple ma and pa place run by the nicest couple you could meet. Other villages and towns have more dining options. Belves has several wonderful restaurants and is just a few minutes away.